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News From PGs Numbers

September 30th, 2009

I’ve been visiting the far-flung corners of the registration plate empire. Naples.

Where else in the world can you see a Vespa scooter given its proper place in society. Weaving in and out of traffic, hurtling at 40 mph, horn blaring and what I can only describe as a fully loaded vehicle. Mum, dad and two kids – all crammed onto the machine, beautifully balanced. Amazing.

What a place! Pedestrians are rightly shunned, run over probably if they’re not quick. Zebra crossings are ignored, as are no entry signs, red lights and anything resembling a rule. No crash helmets either. Number plates, I hear you ask? Not much sign of them. The Italians have such style, such a love of appearances, that it’s hard to credit.

As your cultural attache, I did my best to introduce the concept of a well-dressed vehicle complete with registration number. Talks are continuing. I’ll keep you informed.


Reg Chatt

News From PGs Numbers

September 16th, 2009

You may remember that I’m a little image conscious. Not as bad as the guy in the Fast Show. Mr Shed.

But Friday sees my appearance at the Goodwood Revival.  Taking my lovely Jaguar for an outing – such a period piece, complete with fabulous registration number too.  But what to wear? You see, the Revival is such a motoring event. Nostalgic, fun, everyone dressing up in period costume from the 1940s.  But here I am discussing what to wear when I should be talking about cherished numbers.

‘Reg,’ shouted the boss, this morning. ‘The idea of the blog is to exercise your creative talents on the human desire for motoring adornment…NOT your boring obsession with your own sodding appearance.’

I loved the way he said talent. So much so, that I couldn’t take offence at the sharp way he chastised me in front of the entire staff.

Chastened, that’s me. And so I feel it’s incumbent upon to mention my special promotion this month. ALL stock numbers owned by Central Registrations are subject to a minimum 10 % discount. You just have to mention my name. Reg Chatt. All the staff know me. Just mention my name when you email for a stock list. Then choose away. I know I would. Appearances!  So important, you know.


Reg Chatt

Number Plate Industry News

September 15th, 2009


I have been inundated with requests for our £16 million report into the Phoenix 4 inquiry. I was so relieved that Central Registrations was exonerated over the collapse of the Rover car company by our independant team that I’m afraid I was a little too generous with my copies.

Sadly, we have run out. You would think for £16 million you would get more than a couple of copies but that’s inflation for you. I’ll just summarise the findings. This registration company was in no way responsible for the demise of the car giant and did not sell any personalised numbers to any of its directors.  There. I hope the subject has been put to bed as they say.

all the best,

Reg Chatt

Special Offers

September 15th, 2009


Look at that fabulous number plate. It’s a 1911 reg number so it’s been around longer than me!  Just. It came from a vehicle which was permanently exported some years ago.

It’s on special offer this week. So the first person to phone Reg Chatt to say YES can have it transferred using my own personalised transfer service.

I may even pop round with the company screwdriver.  Phone or email for your price reduction.


Reg Chatt

News From PGs Numbers

September 15th, 2009

What a weekend !

First there was the Ace Cafe bike run down on the coast. Brighton was teeming with bikers like a massive plastic bag filled with fish. And what colourful specimens they were. I was propelled back to the 1950s – the land of teddy boys, rockers and bike chicks. Wow.

You may wonder what I was wearing. Was I a fish out of water ? I always blend but rumours abound that Reg Chatt is rather like the guy in the Fast Show. You know, the one who pops out of his tumble-down shed to declare what he will be wearing this season. I tell you, I’m nothing like him. I looked marvellous down on the front, that’s all I will reveal.

Other splendid news is this. Reg Chatt has a reader. Has made a little mark, a deft prod. In other words, has a reader.

My first complaint. It’s cherished, savoured in my in-tray next to last week’s sandwiches which are beginning to curl at the edges. I read it when I feel gloomy, comforted that someone out there is taking the trouble to keep up to date with what’s happening in the car number plate business. Details of this complaint I am unable to share. Reader confidentiality, unfortunately.

I took it in good spirit, made a minor adjustment to my coiffure, and once again took up my pen.

Yours truly,

Reg Chatt

Number Plate Industry News

September 13th, 2009


Some companies like to show off about celebrity clients. I suppose it ups their own

glossy image, allows a little success to rub off in all the right places. Something like that. Here at Central Registrations we avoid name dropping for the rather hollow attempt at self agrandisment that it is.

We prefer a discreet service. No fanfare, no showing off. All our beloved clients are treasured quietly and equally.  We’ve been in the business for nearly 30 years so naturally some big names have joined our private hall of number plate fame. I will not be pressurised into revealing any of them but I do feel it’s incumbent upon me to state for the record that we have not sold any cherished number plates to the Phoenix 4.

We have conducted our own £16 million inquiry (not using tax payer’s money) and can honestly say we have never been approached by any of the infamous directors of the collapsed Rover car company. Quite what they have done with all their millions I don’t know but none of the stuff came here. I personally checked the ledger yesterday and there was no mention in it of the Phoenix 4, vultures or whatever these people call themselves these days.

Bit of a relief but it was worth a check even if it cost us a small fortune. Must dash – off to the coast today for a motor cycling event. In leathers? Me? Certainly not…

Yours truly,

Reg Chatt


September 11th, 2009

What a week we’ve had ! A frenzy of activity on the car registration front – nothing like it since our two companies were brought together with the buy out of Central Registrations by P.G.’s Numbers.

But that’s history. This week saw the transfer of eight cherished plates for a very special customer. A series of gorgeous looking numbers – I thought I was into image but this is really classy – all going onto company vehicles. It was an important deal so of course I gave it my personal attention. We’re not called Cherished Numbers for nothing, you know.

So this was the week the registrations were transferred. All went smoothly. Not a hitch in sight. Eight new regs. I went to visit, wanting to see them in a line up

for myself, but have they put the physical plates on yet? Nooo. This is what I love about my customers; they are all so different. Some want their numbers transfered yesterday and slap them on before we’ve done the transfer, others can’t manage to work the screwdriver and put their plates on once we’ve done the work.

So, what do I do? Go round there with a screwdriver myself ? Probably. Well, it’s eight private numbers. I’ll get the Jeep out for the journey since they’re out in the sticks. I’ll look good too – 6 RH – one of our stock numbers. Best to go in style since we are a national car registration company.

More news soon…

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September 10th, 2009

Welcome to our new blog.

JUST IN  to tempt you – registration number   546 FAJ on a beautiful old Mercedes 500 SEL.

Caused a bit of a sensation driving the beast home.

It’s those tinted windows which gave a hint of celebrity to my usual cool demeanor.  Identity still in tact, but the old Merc will be off for a make over soon and the number is already on the market. Will be sorry to see it go !

Then, there’s one of my favourites. Well, I’m so vain, I can’t have enough PG registrations. This one is number 9. Looks wonderful -  9 PG – on a 1959 BSA. Don’t think I’ll be driving that one.  It’s an image thing. Please don’t ask. It’s just not me.  But the number.  Might want to keep that one.

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