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You may remember that I’m a little image conscious. Not as bad as the guy in the Fast Show. Mr Shed.

But Friday sees my appearance at the Goodwood Revival.  Taking my lovely Jaguar for an outing – such a period piece, complete with fabulous registration number too.  But what to wear? You see, the Revival is such a motoring event. Nostalgic, fun, everyone dressing up in period costume from the 1940s.  But here I am discussing what to wear when I should be talking about cherished numbers.

‘Reg,’ shouted the boss, this morning. ‘The idea of the blog is to exercise your creative talents on the human desire for motoring adornment…NOT your boring obsession with your own sodding appearance.’

I loved the way he said talent. So much so, that I couldn’t take offence at the sharp way he chastised me in front of the entire staff.

Chastened, that’s me. And so I feel it’s incumbent upon to mention my special promotion this month. ALL stock numbers owned by Central Registrations are subject to a minimum 10 % discount. You just have to mention my name. Reg Chatt. All the staff know me. Just mention my name when you email for a stock list. Then choose away. I know I would. Appearances!  So important, you know.


Reg Chatt


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