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September 15th, 2009 by admin Leave a reply »

What a weekend !

First there was the Ace Cafe bike run down on the coast. Brighton was teeming with bikers like a massive plastic bag filled with fish. And what colourful specimens they were. I was propelled back to the 1950s – the land of teddy boys, rockers and bike chicks. Wow.

You may wonder what I was wearing. Was I a fish out of water ? I always blend but rumours abound that Reg Chatt is rather like the guy in the Fast Show. You know, the one who pops out of his tumble-down shed to declare what he will be wearing this season. I tell you, I’m nothing like him. I looked marvellous down on the front, that’s all I will reveal.

Other splendid news is this. Reg Chatt has a reader. Has made a little mark, a deft prod. In other words, has a reader.

My first complaint. It’s cherished, savoured in my in-tray next to last week’s sandwiches which are beginning to curl at the edges. I read it when I feel gloomy, comforted that someone out there is taking the trouble to keep up to date with what’s happening in the car number plate business. Details of this complaint I am unable to share. Reader confidentiality, unfortunately.

I took it in good spirit, made a minor adjustment to my coiffure, and once again took up my pen.

Yours truly,

Reg Chatt


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