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Some companies like to show off about celebrity clients. I suppose it ups their own

glossy image, allows a little success to rub off in all the right places. Something like that. Here at Central Registrations we avoid name dropping for the rather hollow attempt at self agrandisment that it is.

We prefer a discreet service. No fanfare, no showing off. All our beloved clients are treasured quietly and equally.  We’ve been in the business for nearly 30 years so naturally some big names have joined our private hall of number plate fame. I will not be pressurised into revealing any of them but I do feel it’s incumbent upon me to state for the record that we have not sold any cherished number plates to the Phoenix 4.

We have conducted our own £16 million inquiry (not using tax payer’s money) and can honestly say we have never been approached by any of the infamous directors of the collapsed Rover car company. Quite what they have done with all their millions I don’t know but none of the stuff came here. I personally checked the ledger yesterday and there was no mention in it of the Phoenix 4, vultures or whatever these people call themselves these days.

Bit of a relief but it was worth a check even if it cost us a small fortune. Must dash – off to the coast today for a motor cycling event. In leathers? Me? Certainly not…

Yours truly,

Reg Chatt


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