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What a week we’ve had ! A frenzy of activity on the car registration front – nothing like it since our two companies were brought together with the buy out of Central Registrations by P.G.’s Numbers.

But that’s history. This week saw the transfer of eight cherished plates for a very special customer. A series of gorgeous looking numbers – I thought I was into image but this is really classy – all going onto company vehicles. It was an important deal so of course I gave it my personal attention. We’re not called Cherished Numbers for nothing, you know.

So this was the week the registrations were transferred. All went smoothly. Not a hitch in sight. Eight new regs. I went to visit, wanting to see them in a line up

for myself, but have they put the physical plates on yet? Nooo. This is what I love about my customers; they are all so different. Some want their numbers transfered yesterday and slap them on before we’ve done the transfer, others can’t manage to work the screwdriver and put their plates on once we’ve done the work.

So, what do I do? Go round there with a screwdriver myself ? Probably. Well, it’s eight private numbers. I’ll get the Jeep out for the journey since they’re out in the sticks. I’ll look good too – 6 RH – one of our stock numbers. Best to go in style since we are a national car registration company.

More news soon…

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