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Welcome to our new blog.

JUST IN  to tempt you – registration number   546 FAJ on a beautiful old Mercedes 500 SEL.

Caused a bit of a sensation driving the beast home.

It’s those tinted windows which gave a hint of celebrity to my usual cool demeanor.  Identity still in tact, but the old Merc will be off for a make over soon and the number is already on the market. Will be sorry to see it go !

Then, there’s one of my favourites. Well, I’m so vain, I can’t have enough PG registrations. This one is number 9. Looks wonderful -  9 PG – on a 1959 BSA. Don’t think I’ll be driving that one.  It’s an image thing. Please don’t ask. It’s just not me.  But the number.  Might want to keep that one.

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