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October 10th, 2009

How many ? I hear you ask.  And you can be forgiven for that shout of surprise. It surprised  me even though I’ve been at  the coal face, as they say.

The figures were released this week revealing how many cherished numbers have been sold this year. It’s about a third of a million, apparently. People keep asking me – How do you do it, Reg?

It hasn’t been easy but with a dedicated team behind me, zero holidays abroad (I’m watching my carbon footprint, naturally) and a zealous flouting of EU regulations about the number of hours I work, it has been possible.

What can I say? I’m a good salesman.  For those of you who want to keep on buying there’s a fantastic special offer this week.

Mention my name to the sales team for a discount on any of our stock numbers. And don’t tell the opposition the secrets of my success. Some of them can be horribly competitive.


Reg Chatt