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News From PGs Cherished Numbers

November 13th, 2009


Take a look at this lovely plate !

10 DMB

It’s an original number; a glorious antique. Issued in 1958 by Cheshire Council Council which makes it almost as old as me.

It’s new in stock and is incredibly rare. So much so that I’m thinking of keeping the darn thing. Well, I know. I  say that every time and the sales people are getting fed up with me. Therefore, I’m sad to say, it’s for sale. It can be yours if you insist. Special discount if you mention my name. Even more if you get the spelling right.


Reg Chatt

Scrappage Scheme

November 10th, 2009

It tells you something, doesn’t it? The government’s scrappage scheme.

Millions being pumped in to support the car industry at a time of crisis. More is being devoted to the banking system, I know, but the car industry is so central to our economy that each and every one of us is more than happy to fund a little helping hand. May be.

But the idea of the scrappage scheme got me thinking. No, no…please hear me out…it’s a habit of mine. As I say, it got me thinking about the attraction of the scheme. I’ll buy your new car if you give me a heap of money for this heap of junk. That’s it essentially.

We’ve been doing it for years in the number plate business. Except we don’t scrap the registrations we take in part exchange. We sell them. Because the old numbers we take in part exchange never grow old or tired. They may have done countless miles but they retain their value whereas the beast on four wheels slides down a dwindling slope of lost money.

So, there you have it. What a investment number plates are. You get to wear them but they never need dry cleaning. You even get to keep them if they’re stolen ! You can take them with you wherever you go, enjoy them for years and see your investment rise in spite of the depreciation that hits the car they’re on.


Reg Chatt