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Almost Unwell

December 30th, 2009

Almost Unwell

It may have seemed like a Jeffrey Bernard moment. Oh, you know Jeffrey, the famous writer, who is sadly no longer with us, who had a very close relationship with alcohol. They made a play about him called Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell – so called because that was the excuse when his column was under the table rather than on the page.

I have returned to this august column after an absense of some weeks because I have heard it said that I could be unwell in a rather JB manner. This is not so. Christmas has seen me busy in a very sober fashion. We’ve all had a marvellous time here at Central Registrations but we’ve kept our feet firmly on the table. Or should that be on the ground? Somewhere sensible at any rate.

What a busy time on the sales front. And the purchasing department has had a record breaking bonanza. New plates to look out for are A1 HRH and A1RAB.

For some reason my thoughts have been with our politicians in the last few weeks. Probably due to the inordinate amount of bad publicity they have cooked up for themselves with their creative expenses claims. What puzzles me is why they haven’t bought anything sensible with their fraudulent money from the tax payer. I mean, who needs a duck house? If only some of them had invested in a personalised registration number, they could have made a tidy profit by the time they were caught out, paid the money back and kept the extra without the dear-old tax payer noticing.

I’ve checked our archives and can honestly say that MPs are absent from our list of clients. Which just shows how inept some people can be, doesn’t it?

Yours…full of good health,

Reg Chatt