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Urgent Recall

February 9th, 2010

News from the car industry always inspires me. Take this Toyota recall – the second one in as many weeks.  Now there appears to be problems with the software operating the braking system and it begs the question whether cars are too complicated these days. I remember my first car ( let the violins roll, it was a Ford Cortina Mk 1 Estate) having a similar problem with braking as I hurtled downhill at 40 mph and my foot went through the floor.

Did I mention it was a rust bucket? Simple to fix though and the back up braking system (the handbrake) worked a treat.

But enough about me and my carefree days.

Number plates – hardly ever have to recall those fellas unless you have dealings with a dyslexic supplier who’s got his p’s mixed up with his d’s. Not me, I hardly ever get muddled. But I know it’s happened to a good friend of mine. This is why I teach the staff to use the phoenetic alphabet; it saves a lot of confusion.

By the way. Some clever spark has told me that number plates no longer need to be screwed on. You can get these high powered sticky pads that do the job. So it looks like I’m out of a job as a result.

Bet there has to be a recall of those ones !


Reg Chatt