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Goodwood Revival

October 1st, 2010

I have a really good suit – well I have many ofcourse, but this one I bought in the 1960s. If you remember the 60s you should be organising your funeral, so they say. Rather unfair, to my mind.  Am I rambling? This suit. It comes out for the Goodwood Revival and this year was no exception.  A bit tight round the middle but what’s a little tightness between friends.

We drove down in style in my E-type Jaguar. Champagne was stashed in the back…canapes were shaken but not stirred and we took part in a great show. Brilliant as ever this year. I took the opportunity to do a little business since I am unable to stop myself.  Some people say that I’m simply adding to the hot air on the planet but some people are miserable bastards guilty for generations of inflicting doom and gloom on the rest of us.

So, there I was, chatting (well I’ve got the name so I might as well use it) to some gorgeous ladies with excellent taste in ferous oxide. Just wondering whether the proud owners wanted to buy or sell. I’ve been rather busy since Goodwood following up on these inquiries,  hence my long absense from the office. You see, without these hard selling tactics, marvellous little niche companies like Central Registrations would probably become like all the rest. Homogenised. Instead, I feel we are rather unique. The staff, like myself, go for bloody good days out, feel a little tight and run up some ex’s. What’s wrong with that?

Plenty of excitement back at the office on my return – the old boss is bidding on a 1904 number with single letter and single number. Very rare and desirable and could look excellent on my next outing. If only I could get my filthy hands on it.

Anyway, must dash..

Reg Chatt