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I’m back at my desk after a fabulous day watching our favourite racing driver Tom Sharp head for victory at the British Touring Car Championships at Silverstone. It was his ninth win this season but not enough sadly to give him the Michelin Ginetta GT supercup championship. Impressive performance too after his Brands Hatch accident when he miraculously walked from the damaged vehicle in one piece.

Championship victory next time , Tom!

Now I’m back on the number plate hotline rather wishing registration numbers made as much noise and speed as those impressive race cars. Of course I’m biased but numbers are exciting in their own way.  Take one of our latest stock numbers -  HOG IX.  You can picture it on a Harley, can’t you? Might grab that one myself. Or, there’s the super sonic    SON14C – excellent for SONIA.

Horses can be pretty nippy too. Here’s one for the horse box   -    1111 GG. Or NAG 888A.  You can’t make the old lorry look younger but, give it a personalised number, and you will give it a new lease of life.

Also new in: -

9 GSH     ROS33N – good for Roseen     7 RSH      SAL 7E        SEK 8     All fantastic private registration numbers – ready to fly onto your car.


Reg Chatt


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