BBC Radio Fame – but not for me

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I nearly crashed…I was listening to BBC Radio Sussex on the way to the office when I heard the boss talking about personalised number plates.

They were asking his opinion about this and that, getting him to do valuations on the spot and now he’s full of himself. I tell you, it’s gone to his head. It’s all he can talk about. My radio voice, he calls it. I could have done so much better than him; why didn’t they ask Reg Chatt if they wanted an honest opinion on the market.

For example, they asked him why men like number plates so much. I could have given them ten minutes on that one given half the chance. You see, one in ten guys, according to the AA’s latest research, has a private number on their car. Of course, they have. A man’s car is his castle; it’s his everything. What man polishes his house, like he does his car? So, of course he wants his wheels to be properly dressed.

OK, so the boss is pretty good at on the spot valuations, I’ll give him that, since he does it all day long. He just doesn’t have my charisma; he hasn’t a tenth of my charm and fortunately never reads my little column here on the blog. We had to listen to what his favourite number plate was, too. I mean, who cares? It’s UN 3, apparently. I’m one of the few people who know why, you know. Years ago, he was driving his old Rover Vitesse in northern Spain with that plate on it. The atmosphere over there was tricky, to say the least, due to some bomb attacks by Basque separatists and he’d illegally parked outside a bank.

An armed motorcycle policeman spotted the car, saluted and led him to a VIP parking spot. Turns out the boss was mistaken for a UN diplomat or something like that. Typical.

Don’t ask him about it, for god’s sake. We’ve got enough to cope with !

Pip, pip

Reg Chatt


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