If the name fits…!

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Isn’t it funny that some people really suit their number plates?
Take my own for example. These days my lovely car is wearing J1 OKE. It’s appropriate since I’m known as the master of the one liner and sadly, for all you other jokers, it’s now off the market.

Anyone caught trying to buy that fella off any of the staff here will have me to answer to.

Which brings me to an interesting piece of news. Did you know that the government is withholding a very interesting number plate? so I’ve been told. WA11 KER – apparently. A little bolt strategically placed between the 11 and there you have the letter N staring at you. I blush at the thought of the cabinet discussion! How heated it must have been. Who was to get the thing on their car first? Who does it suit the most?

You know I’ve worked on many occasions for the department. I help where I can with bits of advice, trips to the Middle East, you know. But I wouldn’t advise any of them to stick that one in the wrong place.

Pip, pip,
Answers on a post card please,
Reg Chatt


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