Terms and Conditions

(1) PATRICK GREGORY T/AS Central Registrations (hereinafter referred to as Central Registrations) will advertise the registration mark on behalf of the seller of the mark free of charge until a buyer is found provided that the seller abides by these terms and conditions.

(2) The payment due to the seller shall be the amount shown on the written quotation given to the seller unless the seller agrees to a reduction prior to the sale.

(3) If the seller decides to withdraw the mark for any reason he/she must notify Central Registrations by recorded delivery prepaid post before a buyer is found for the mark. Telephone or fax cancellations will not be accepted.

(4) If the agency agreement is not cancelled by the seller before a buyer is found then the seller shall be liable to pay any costs incurred by Central Registrations including any commission which would have been gained by them on the sale of the mark.

(5) A buyer shall be deemed to be found as soon as Central Registrations has received a deposit by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.

(6) When a buyer is found for the mark Central Registrations will arrange for the transfer of the mark with the DVLA. However it is the responsibility of the seller to present the donor vehicle to the vehicle registration office for inspection at their own expense if requested to do so. Central Registrations will be responsible for administering the documentation as efficiently and quickly as possible but cannot be responsible for any delay caused by the DVLA. The seller must provide Central Registrations with all relevant documents when requested and without delay.

(7) Central Registrations cannot be held responsible for any expense incurred by the seller if the buyer fails to go ahead with the transfer after paying an initial deposit.

(8) If for any reason the DVLA revokes the transfer then Central Registrations shall not be liable for any expense incurred by the buyer or the seller whatsoever.

(9) Full payment for a mark sold by Central Registrations will only be paid to the seller when a replacement V5 registration document is issued by the DVLA at Swansea.

(10) A mark which is for sale can only be reserved on receipt of a deposit from the buyer either by cheque or credit card or cash.

(11) The buyer is responsible for the payment of the transfer fee or the retention fee (currently £80.00) and must supply the documentation for the receiving vehicle within 28 days of paying the deposit.

(12) The buyer of any mark must pay the balance to Central Registrations before any transfer is submitted to the DVLA. This payment must be made within fourteen days of the initial deposit or the transaction will be deemed a failure and the buyer will lose their deposit.

(13) Where a mark is held on a retention/entitlement certificate the seller must provide the un-expired certificate to be sent to the DVLA for amendment at their own expense.

(14) If the buyer does not proceed with the transfer of the mark after paying the initial deposit , or fails to supply all documentation required for transfer then no part of this payment is refundable whatsoever.

(15) If the transfer fails due to no fault of the buyer then he/she will receive a full refund of all amounts paid to Central Registrations only. Any payments made to DVLA will be refunded by them in due course.

(16) The issue of a new V5 bearing the new registration number shall be conclusive proof that a successful transfer has taken place.

(17) The Secretary of State for Transport or their agents, the DVLA (as keeper of their records) may, at any time revoke the right to a registration mark for whatever reason. In this highly unlikely event Central Registrations cannot be held responsible .Central Registrations are also not liable for any change in Government legislation or its consequences.

(18) It is the responsibility of the buyer to obtain his/her new plates and fit them to their vehicle.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, Central Registrations is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations